TALES konkurranse i digital fortelling fant sted i s.y. 2014-15
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Take part in an international digital storytelling competition!

For the 2014-15 school year, TALES has partnered with PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015, a world-wide digital storytelling initiative on the theme of the upcoming Universal Exposition “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.
Through a specially-dedicated path within the competition, TALES offers European schools the unique opportunity of taking part in a global educational experience, by proposing a digital storytelling competition devoted to key competences acquisition.
Who can participate?
Classes/groups of students of all school levels, supervised by at least one teacher.
What do participants have to do?
Create an interactive multimedia story, with an easy-to-use authoring tool made available to all registered participants. Minimum effort: a “short story” (~5 minutes long); maximum effort: a “complete story” (20-25 min long). Stories must be in English, to allow for mutual sharing across Europe (and the world).
What should the story be about?
Any topic, provided it is somehow related to the Universal Exposition theme; a lot of issues are raised by the Exposition, ranging from sustainability to biodiversity, from local traditions (food, agriculture…) to legends and stories about food, from world hunger to health problems, etc. Participants are provided with plenty of resources and support to link their subject to the Exposition theme.
Why to participate?
To take part in a truly international educational experience, meeting peers from all across Europe (and the rest of the world); to involve students in a highly engaging activity providing substantial benefits, especially in terms of key competences: intercultural communication, media literacy, group-work….
All the stories will be made public not only in the TALES website but also at the Universal Exposition premises, thus giving visibility to the participants’ countries in this important event.
What are the key dates?
Registration is now open; deadline for submitting the stories is June 15.
…what if I want to create a digital story but not take part in the competition?
You can! Just ask for access to the online authoring tool by writing to: nicoletta.diblas@polimi.it. The completed stories will be made public (upon request) in the TALES website.
Register now! Fill in the registration form:
Read the TALES competition description: pdf
Know more about PoliCulturaExpoMilano2015: www.policulturaexpomilano.it/world
Know more about the Universal Exposition (Expo Milano 2015): www.expo2015.org
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